We have extensive experience in the creation, management, and succession planning for small businesses. We represent clients in a wide range of businesses, including technology, sales, real estate development, construction, manufacturing, retail, and services. We are interested in your business, and we will take the time to learn about your industry, your business, the regulations affecting your business, and the unique challenges you face in your products, services, customers, and employees. We help you navigate the legal challenges you face.

We have significant experience in structuring purchase-sale agreements that result in smooth transactions. We prepare and review leases and property management agreements, and we provide advice to landlords, tenants, homeowners, brokers and associations.


There are three main components of any successful business arrangement: who does what, when, and how payments are handled. Beyond that, it’s in the details. We know the details matter. Let us help you to structure your deals to meet your needs.


Artists face many unique legal challenges that drag down the creative space and process. Firm attorneys have counseled and defended artists who work in different medias in litigation regarding licensing, copyrights, trademarks, and right to publicity. An artist faces challenges in the preservation of his or her works during and after life. In fact, an artist’s estate can become substantially more valuable after death than in life. Because of the firm’s specialty in digital media, intellectual property, and estate planning, we can help can help you protect your body of work so that your heirs or your charities can enjoy owning your art, and if you wish, profiting from its display and use.


Firm attorneys are recognized authorities in the areas of first amendment rights, defamation and privacy. We routinely are interviewed by new agencies, and you have probably heard us on the radio, seen us on television, or read quotes from us in the media. We have provided testimony before the legislators in California and Massachusetts as well as FCC on these issues. We frequently advise editors, publishers, broadcasters, writers, and journalists on media regulation, first amendment protections, and the full range of privilege, privacy, and legal protections afforded under state and federal laws. We emphasize the need for thorough and competent fact investigation in all aspects of publishing and reporting.


Digital social media is the channel of communication for the 21st Century. Electronic communications, blogs, instant messaging, and social networks makes communication and personal networking easier, while the rules of ownership and privacy have become more more complex. The boundaries between what is mine and yours or what is private and public has become much more debateable.

We are very knowledgeable and current on the issues arising from digital social media and online business and personal activity. We frequently advise clients on issues such as online First Amendment rights, defamation,andprotecting data from disclosure. Expertise includes: rescinding a court’s gag order; drafting acceptable use polices; issuing cease & desist letters; responding to subpoenas; drafting digital document retention guidelines; and employee training.


Deadline and delivery issues, supply shortages, adverse regulatory actions, labor disruptions, and even leadership turnover are just some of the things that can negatively impact your business. These challenges often appear unexpectedly and a small problem can quickly evolve into catastrophe. Special attention by firm members, careful internal and public Communications are the hallmarks of successful crisis management. Firm attorneys work with executive leadership and your front-line communications personnel to develop and Manage business threats.


We offer a full service selection of estate planning, probate, and wealth preservation transfer options to our clients. We emphasize follow-through and long-term commitment to our clients’ goals, and take great care to make sense of the legal requirements so that our clients can focus on what is important to them.

We have special expertise in the area of probate litigation, helping when where trusts have been mismanaged, trustees are threatened, or inheritances are disputed. In these cases, we offer compassionate and highly skilled representation where both family relationships and significant assets are at stake.